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Therapy Used in Percodan Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment in America today is very different from what it was even 10 years ago.  Many advances have been made in the science of addiction, creating more options than ever before with regards to addiction therapy.  From traditional therapy, to group interaction sessions and even coping and life skill classes, modern Percodan addiction therapy can offer it all.  Some of these therapies have been developed by the foremost minds in addiction therapy throughout the country.  Many offer the latest advances in treatment technology, providing patients with the most advanced Percodan addiction treatments out there.

Traditional Psychotherapy

After a patient goes through the detox phase of their recovery, they come to the rehabilitation part of the process.  This can be provided in a number of ways, but the most common is through traditional psychotherapy.  This is because most Percodan addicts have a deep-rooted reason behind their addiction.  Many started because they were self-medicating and trying to bury the pain they were feeling for whatever reason.  In order to truly be free from addiction, the patient needs to uncover what they are hiding from.

Most of the time, the only way that these patients will succeed in staying clean is if they ‘face their demons’ so to speak.  Many times this type of therapy can help a patient work out their issues so that they can find a place where drugs and self-medicating no longer feel necessary in their life.  Psychotherapy has been found to be quite effective in getting to the root cause of an addict’s behavior, helping them to understand the reasons why they made the choices they made.

Group Interaction Therapy

Group therapy is a type of therapy that can exhibit excellent results in both residential and outpatient programs.  Patients can find it comforting that they are not alone in their feelings, experiences, and life in general.  And this is exactly why group therapy has been so successful in drug treatment programs across the country.  In a group setting, patients may even divulge more information than they would in a one on one session with their counselor.  This is because they feel more comfortable with a support system of other individuals who have been through the same thing as them.

Coping and Life Skills Classes

Percodan addicts can gain knowledge necessary to their success in the future by taking coping and life skill classes.  Rehab centers offer many types of classes that are all centered on addiction, to help the addict know their strengths and weaknesses.  For example, knowing your triggers and learning coping skills to get you through tough times can be the difference between a continued recovery and a relapse.

In addition to addiction classes, many Percodan rehab centers have begun to offer life-skills classes that can help teach you skills to make you successful in life after addiction.  These may be anything from resume workshops, to financial advice or interview tips, all of which can be helpful to someone rebuilding a brighter future.