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How Percodan Addiction is Treated

Percodan addiction recovery is a process, and is not something that can be cheated or half-done.  It is a lifestyle for those who have beaten their addiction and gone on to lead a normal, healthy life.  There are many things that go into Percodan addiction treatment, from start to finish.  Percodan addiction treatment generally starts with a psychological evaluation, followed by medical detoxification, and is finished with recovery tools such as therapy, addiction and life-skill classes to give you the best chance at success in the real world.

These steps are almost always taken in an opiate addiction because of all them are usually necessary to get the patient back to a normal life.  It is very likely that a Percodan addict has hit their ‘rock bottom’ before seeking help, so the climb back to everyday life in society may actually be quite a long journey.  Many people addicted to opiates require lengthy stays in therapy because they used the drugs to self-medicate, and can no longer do so.

Medical Detoxification

Detoxification is the first step in the recovery process, as it is the stage where the patient stops using.  Percodan rehab centers use medical detox to help the patient safely detox from Percodan.  Medical detox is the only safe way to stop taking an opiate once you have an addiction, quitting cold turkey can cause severe symptoms.  These symptoms include anything from anxiety and unbearable pain to seizures, coma or death.  During a medical detox, the patient is given non-narcotic pain relief, to ease the discomfort of their symptoms, and they are monitored and cared for while detoxing.

Forms of Therapy used in Percodan Recovery

Once a patient makes it through the detox stage of their recovery, they move on to therapy.  Therapy can offer a patient the chance to heal the old scars that keep them on a path of self-destruction.  Percodan rehab center offer their patients the chance to receive psychological help, from therapy to treatments, so that the patient can feel whole again, and not feel a need to self-medicate.  Self-medication is one of the major causes of prescription abuse and addiction.  Therapy can help solve the root cause of your addiction so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

Coping and Life Skills Classes

Percodan addicts benefit through education while attending a Percodan rehab.  Rehab centers offer many types of classes that are all centered on addiction, to help the addict know their strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing your triggers as well as coping skills to get you through tough times can be the difference between a continued recovery and a relapse.  In addition to addiction classes, many Percodan rehab centers have begun to offer life-skills classes that can help teach you skills to make you successful in life after addiction.

In addition to classes, sober-living facilities help recovering addicts move back into society once they complete their inpatient treatment program with success.  Sober-living facilities offer some structure and supervision to guide you on your journey back to society, offering a support system you cannot get anywhere else.  These programs are very successful in helping people gain the knowledge of how to live on their own, drug-free.