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Effects of Percodan

Percodan is a very strong pain killer, prescribed to patients who have just undergone surgery or another form of acute trauma.  With that being said, there are intended effects of the medication as well as some that are not seen when taken properly and in its intended use.  If this medication is taken carefully and as prescribed, these unintended effects will be minimized in use.  The first effects that will be discussed are associated with proper use of the medication, followed by a discussion of effects that are associated with overuse and abuse.

Effects Felt with Proper Use

The main effects of Percodan are its pain relieving qualities, which are some of the best out there.  Oxycodone is one of the strongest medications available for acute pain relief, second only to other opiates, including morphine and hydromorphone.  This type of medication gives patients a feeling of sedation, which can sometimes be taken as a state of euphoria.  The feelings of relaxation experienced while on Percodan are partly to blame for patients becoming dependent on the medication.  It makes them feel good, so they want to take more of it, and then their tolerance increases, and they start to take more than the intended dosage.

Other than its excellent pain relieving qualities and euphoric feelings, Percodan is also useful as a cough suppressant and fever reducer.  This is because the aspirin it contains can stimulate muscle contractions and dilates the blood vessels in the body.  These effects are not usually the reason someone will take this medication, however.  Most people who take Percodan are looking for one of two things – pain relief or euphoria.

Effects Felt with Improper Use

There are a number of effects that you can experience if you abuse or overuse Percodan.  Many of these effects can be very dangerous to your health, and if you experience them, you should call 911 or get to the nearest hospital.  It may just save your life.  The most common effect that can be felt is a feeling of being energized, and sometimes a buzzing in your ears.

Another effect that is likely to be experienced is sedation.  This powerful drug can cause people to become sedated or lose consciousness, which can be dangerous if operating machinery or driving.  When taking Percodan, patients are urged not to perform tasks that require alertness for just this reason.  However, if you are purchasing these pills off the streets, you won’t get a warning label.

Another big issue with Percodan is that it cannot be safely mixed with most other prescription medications.  Your doctor should be informed of all other medications you are taking before prescribing Percodan for you.  This is because Percodan can cause an adverse reaction to tranquilizers, alcohol, sedatives and nervous system depressants, as well as many other opiates.  If taken in conjunction with any of these or any street drugs, the reaction could cost you your life.